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Letter to Editor

Underreporting of Cases During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Worrying Warning for Africa

Marcos Roberto Tovani-Palone, Federico Garoli, Pritik A Shah, Manar Ahmed Kamal, Faisal A Nawaz

J CONTEMP STUD EPIDEMIOL PUBLIC HEALTH, 2022, Volume 3, Issue 1, Article No: ep22001

Perspective Article

Current Context of Pneumonia Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa

Olivier Uwishema, Helen Onyeaka, Baha Aldeen Abdalaziz Alshareif, Mohammed Eltahier Abdalla Omer, Alfredo Lorenzo Recio Sablay, Rabeet Tariq, Rayan Ibrahim Hamid Mohamed, Amirsaman Zahabioun, Mohamed Yousif Elamin Yousif, Elie Chalhoub, Marcos Roberto Tovani-Palone

J CONTEMP STUD EPIDEMIOL PUBLIC HEALTH, 2021, Volume 2, Issue 2, Article No: ep21007

Review Article

Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the Northern African Countries: Perspectives and Data Update in the First Three Months

Mohamed Lounis

J CONTEMP STUD EPIDEMIOL PUBLIC HEALTH, 2020, Volume 1, Issue 1, Article No: ep20006